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Voices & Sounds

Our meditation collection was created in collaboration with individuals from the Baltimore wellness community. Learn more about the voices and sounds of our studio. Connect with them to see what they're up to in and around Baltimore. 


Martha Rogers is the founder of Full Moon Acupuncture. She has been sharing the benefits of yoga, mediation, and seasonal medicine since 2001 (RYT 500). Martha is warm, wise and intent on helping others reconnect with the wisdom of their body,  fundamental spaciousness of mind, and gifts of their spirit. Martha also teaches at Maryland University of Integrative Health in the Master’s of Acupuncture program since 2009. She lives, works and plays in this charmed city. 

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Radha believes there is no separation between mind and body. She teaches her students—whether it’s by flying through the air or by being grounded to the earth—that in order to rise, we must first root, and in order to fly freely, we must know “home.” This body is the vessel that carries us and the relationship between breath and body is the most intimate one we will ever know—in fact, it influences every aspect of life—and it’s also the most neglected. Once we can connect deeply to this relationship, everything has the potential to shift. Radha teaches AntiGravity and Floating Yoga Nidra at Movement Lab in Baltimore, and is a certified Yoga Teacher as well as Personal Essence Coach and Writing Coach. Radha is also a writer, has her MFA in Creative Writing, and is the author of Mary Walks, a novel about Mary, the historical mother of Jesus. Her work has appeared on the TEDx stage, as well as in publications such as Reader’s Digest and Forge Literary Journal. 

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Elyza Dolby is an internationally trained ERYT 500 yoga instructor, and self-proclaimed professional soul seeker. She can be found teaching yoga and meditation around Baltimore, Maryland at various studios and with private clients. She also leads cacao ceremonies, healing circles, workshops, and retreats worldwide. She utilizes her personal journey of healing alongside her love of yoga and meditation (in all its forms) so that others might find their own light and healing, and maybe a little fun along the way. When she isn't on her mat, she is probably pulling tarot, taking a training of some kind, hiking with her pup Beamer, putting her feet on Pachamama, dancing like there's no tomorrow, or chasing the sunrise.

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Ty Ford has been a musician for over 40 years and an energy worker since 2009. His soundscapes for clearing energy modalities are internationally known. 

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Jason Williams is a Wellbeing Coach from Baltimore, Maryland.  He has over 16 years experience is the health and wellness industry. Jason came into meditation through yoga and is now a meditation and reiki practitioner.  He believes in mind body longevity by practicing different modalities to help improve and heal the mind body connection.  He has written and published three children’s books, “The Adventures of Frankie Fitness”. 

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